My art comes from moments of boredom and high anxiety.  My art deals with the the concepts of good vs. evil and right vs. wrong.  I am tuned in to the world around us and to the personalities and issues that dominate our world and I am responding. I am consumed by both human suffering and love.   We must have compassion for one and other.   Sometimes its a primal scream other times its a colorful memory of times past. I'm often channeling ancestors in a quest for justice in modern times.  I am consumed with beauty but I want a process to get to it. I am trying to say something. 

I communicate my message in a prolific manner creating as many pieces as I can.  I will often create several pieces on a theme in a week or two.   Currently I am focused on a set of mixed media pieces which include original wallpaper type designs, portraits, photos, resin, flotrol, digital prints cut up, acrylic paints, wires, broken toys, whatever I can find to make it work.  I am very experienced with digital painting as a format and was recently published in a book called Justice is our Love in Action by Hard Ball Press.